Ebony-Lass of Sunset
Sunset Eb's Harmony
Sunset Eb's Midnight Special
Sunset Fargo's Promise
Sunset Fargo's Scarlet Lass
Sunset Grayce
Sunset Hamish
Sunset Harmony's R Gold
Sunset Harmony's Unforgettable
Sunset James
Sunset Jasmine
Sunset Jeremiah
Sunset Juneberry
Sunset Kincaid
Sunset Knick O'Time
Sunset Kyleigh
Sunset Limited Edition
Sunset Luceigh
Sunset Luceigh's Ruby Red
Sunset Midnight Starr
Sunset Midnight's Tiger Lily

Sunset Midnight's Zinderella

Sunset Melonball
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Sunset Pina Colada
Sunset Rebel Yell
Sunset Tennyson
Sunset TNT
Sunset Wish Upon a Star
Setting Sun Yesterday
Sweetbrier Kuvno
Sweetbrier Xceptional
Northridge Fargo
Gusgurlach of Windrush

Sunset Tennyson -[CAN]14335-
Dam: Du Boise Flavie -9953-
Sire: Sunset Limited Edition -[CAN]12131-

2009 Grand Champion Female - Lindsay Ex Lindsay, ON
2009 Senior Champion Female - Lindsay Ex Lindsay, ON
2009 Grand Champion Female - New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY, USA
2009 Grand Champion Female
- Durham Highland Games, Uxbridge, ON

Owned by Robyn Murray

2008 Reserve Junior Champion Female - RAWF Toronto, ON
2008 Junior Champion Female - Lindsay ON, Canada
2008 Grand Champion Female - Highlands of Durham Games Uxbridge,ON ..

3 Grand Champion Female
1 Junior Champion Female

1 Reserve Junior Champion